"Caramelka" сhildren’s entertainment center


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Caramelka is a spacious, ultramodern complex for kids' recreation and leasure time activities.
Our little guests can enjoy a playground, a labyrinth, slot machines, a giant trampoline and etc.
Furthermore, while parents enjoy shopping, specially trained animators can take care of kids and even organize family celebration or children's party in a special VIP zone.


Silver Screen Cinemas


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Silver Screen Cinemas is one of the most popular and advanced multiplexes in Belarus. Silver Screen opened its doors in Galileo Mall on the 13th of November 2014. 
It features 7 high-tech cinema-halls, located on three floors, from 5th to 7th, two bars and a comfortable lounge-zone for those who want to spend time in a relaxing atmosphere.
All cinema halls are equiped with the latest and brand new cinema technologies: Sony 4K, Real D 3D system, Dolby DCP, Crown, JBL. Long-term European experience, advanced technologies and state-of-the-art equipment help us to provide irreproachable service. 
Enjoy an unforgettable adventure in the world of cinema together with Silver Screen Cinemas!

7D Cinema

7D Cinema brings you the newest technology in Virtual Reality and takes the entertainment to a different level by making it 7 dimensional. Instead of watching a movie, you are actually part of it! It combines 3D technologies with an exhilarating variety of such physical effects as snow, rain, wind, and etc.The on-screen creatures come alive with the help of motion sensors and remote controls.The spectator will move, tremble, feel air and water, which would make him a participant of the action.

"VR Group" virtual reality gaming club

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VR Group is a network of virtual reality gaming clubs. We make it is possible to see virtual worlds and blur the boundaries of perciption.
Immerse yourself in a fascinating world of fantasy and extreme with the help of 
HTC Vive. VR applications and games won't leave indifferent neither adults nor kids.
Come and see it with your own eyes!