Location 2 floor
Working hours Su-Th: 10.00 - 22.00
Fr-Sa : 10.00 - 23.00
Phone 8 (017) 327 85 36
Web site http://oodji.com

Oodji is one of the fashion retail leaders in Russia, CIS countries and Eastern Europe. The first Oodji store was opened in 1998 in St Petersburg. Due to the flexible company policy providing a quick response to the customer’s fashion preferences, Oodji brand has rapidly gained customers’ loyalty all over the Europe.Today Oodji counts more than 400 shops in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldavia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus and Estonia. The main principles of the company’s work are to feel and discover new and fresh tendencies in all spheres of life as well as to be the first to embody them in brand collections.