Location 2 floor
Working hours

ВС - ЧТ: 10.00 - 22.00 
ПТ - СБ: 10.00 - 23.00

Phone +375 (29) 151-51-96

"Organic Beauty" is a store of organic or eco-cosmetics, which presents the most popular Russian and Belarusian brands in the field of organic and natural cosmetics. Mission - caring for people's health, appearance, environment. Range of products: organic cosmetics for face skin care, hair care, body care, decorative cosmetics, bath cosmetics, children's organic cosmetics, home care products, toothpastes, etc. The store "Organic Beauty" presents the following brands: levrana, Green Organ Za, EcoLab, oz, Olesya Mustaeva's Workshop, Chocolatte, Siberina, Ecocraft, Ecobox, etc.